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Selling SCOOP12-M

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Selling SCOOP 12-M action
  gryzzlybearr, May 10 2012

Hi i am professional poker player for maybe 3-4 years.I lost my whole bankrol at FTP and because i had spent my other money for a place to live so i had to start grinding again.I have played pretty much any type of game(and i mean any-6max,9max,HU,PLO,8 game,almost every single type of SNG) at small and medium stakes and i have taken shots at 1k and 2k nl and cap NL.Although i consider myself a HU and short handed specialist i have been winning at every of these games.I don't play much MTTs.Mostly HU MTTs a have won 3 omaha HU tournies at FTP and a few Holdem HUs too.My ROI at sng HU at omaha and holdem is more than 10%.So that is all i think.I will play SCOOP-L and i am looking to sell the action for the M.So if i do i will play it.The offer is 35-65% for stakers.IF someone is interested send the money to Krasen159Y(yambol with a picture of Doc Holiday).If i do not sell the shares i will send back ofcourse.I can take the last few shares ofcourse though. I have been reading this forum for years now but not being active.If you are worrying because i am new you can choose someone to keep the money i don't mind.But you will have no problems with me!O and shares are for 5%-11$ and for 10%-21$!GL to you guys and hope not to meet me on the tourny

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Coaching rates?
  gryzzlybearr, Apr 17 2010

Hi i have never thought about this by now.Now i want to do some coaching and i am wondering what are the rates?For about 50-200NL HU,6max,9max everything.Even SnG's.I will be happy if someone who has enough experience explains to me!Thanks

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2052$ in 42hands 0.25-50cents???
  gryzzlybearr, Jan 22 2010

Has someone seen this or can someone explain this

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